Go Freedonia!

In this user's guide, we will be using a fictitious US-based non-profit called the Go Freedonia! foundation.

Our non-profit operates children's home in the mythical country of Freedonia, and wishes to improve these children's lives both materially and emotionally. To accomplish these goals, Go Freedonia! has set up several sponsorship programs. Through monthly sponsorship payments, Go Freedonia! is able to provide food, shelter, health care, and education to these children. By connecting sponsors to these children, Go Freedonia! is able to provide emotional support to the children through periodic cards and letters, and gives the sponsors an opportunity to practice unselfish concern and benevolence for these children. 

Go Freedonia! will also provide a living diary for the children by saving their pictures, school records, and health information, and will manage sponsors' images and letters to the children.

Go Freedonia! will be using Delightful Labor to help manage their client's data and their sponsorship program. To achieve this, Go Freedonia! will:

Go Freedonia! will also manage their constituents, donations, honorariums, memorials, fundraising campaigns, and business contacts through Delightful Labor.

Freedonia is the fictional setting for the Marx Brothers' movie Duck Soup.