Volunteer Registration

If your organization depends on many volunteers to fulfill your mission, you may be interested in Delightful Labor's volunteer registration system.

The volunteer registration features allow you to create custom volunteer registration forms. You can taylor the forms to meet the needs of your organization - you can create separate forms for adult volunteers, youth volunteers, community service volunteers, volunteers for a specific event, etc.

You can then give your volunteers the unique URL generated by your registration form. The volunteers can register, and your volunteer coordinator will receive an email notification of the registration.

Upon successful completion of the registration form, Delightful Labor will create a new people and volunteer record, and populate any custom fields that you have assigned to the registration form.

You can also optionally give your volunteers the ability to log into Delightful Labor and access a limited number of features related to their account and volunteer schedule.

Creating Registration Forms

Registering as a Volunteer

Volunteer use of Delightful Labor