Many organizations use sponsorship as a way to connect their constituents to their clients. Sponsorship payments can help fund programs that are critical to an organization's success. Sponsors benefit by having a close connection to a mission or service that is dear to them, and clients benefit from knowing they have the support of their sponsor.

But managing a sponsorship program can be complicated and require a lot of record keeping. Here's where Delightful Labor can help.

  • Defining sponsorship programs - you can create as many different programs as required by your organization. The programs can have different payment goals, and can be oriented to a particular sponsorship country. Clients can be organized by their availability to different sponsorship programs. More information about creating and managing sponsorship programs can be found here.
  • Establishing individual and business sponsorships. More info about adding a new sponsor can be found here.
  • Financial aspects, such as assessing sponsorship charges (more info here), recording sponsorship payments (more info here), and managing delinquent sponsorships (more info here).
  • Sponsorships can be established with an honoree in mind. The sponsor is financially responsible for the sponsorship, but the honoree (such as a sponsor's child or a company's employee) receive the mailings. More info about sponsorship honorees is available here.

Many of the common features of Delightful Labor are also available for sponsorships, such as groups, directories, reminders, and image and document libraries.