Delightful Labor provides a variety of features to help you manage the donations that allow you to fulfill your mission.

You can track both individual and business donations. You can track monetary and in-kind donations. You can group your donation records into accounts and further group them into campaigns within accounts (more info here).

There are a variety of lists that you can maintain that help catalog and analyze your donations, such as gift categories, payment types, and in-kind categories (more info here).

You can associate multiple honorariums and memorials with donations (more info here). You can manage your gift acknowledgements for the actual donation, the honorees, and the mail contacts for the memorials (more info here).

You can record donations in a variety of currencies by setting up the accounting countries your organization will be using (more info here).

You can also set up soft-cash relationships between people, or between businesses and people, to help you easily recognize the connection between donations and family members, employers, etc (more info here).