Delightful Labor takes the approach that your data should be accessible to you as possible. In addition to being an open source project with full access the the database and code, Delightful Labor provides a variety of exports to allow you to work with your data in spreadsheets or other applications. 

All exports are generated in the industry standard CSV (comma separated values) format. The export files can be opened directly by spreadsheet programs, or even viewed in text editors.

Most reports allow both screen views and CSV exports. In addition, there is a special section within Delightful Labor to export the data tables. These are grouped into three sections:

  • Primary tables (people, business, clients, sponsors, donations, etc)
  • Personalized tables (with associated parent table information)
  • Images and Documents

All exports are generated by clicking on the export icon (exportSmall).

To view the export menu, select "Reports / Exports":


Here are the Primary tables: 


The personalized table section lists all personalized tables you have created, grouped by their parent table. Your selection menu will be different from our Go Freedonia sample database.


Here is a sample output of the personalized people table "Preferences":


Personalized logs will contain all log entries in the CSV file. The individual log entries are separated by dashed lines, and each log entry contains a header with the date of the entry and the log title. Here is an example from our personalized "Preferences" table:



Here is the images and documents export section. These exports do not actually export the associated images or documents, but provide information and links about them. 


The image and document exports don't actually export image or pdf files. Instead, they export information about the images or documents, including links to the files. The export files contain the following information:

  • parent record information - for example, people ID and name
  • image/document ID - unique number assigned to every image or document
  • caption
  • description
  • image/document date
  • profile - for images, this column indicates if the image is the profile image for the parent record
  • user file name - name of the original file uploaded by the user
  • system file name - Delightful Labor assigns a unique file name to every image and document uploaded by a user
  • file URL - the full url needed to access the image or document
  • thumbnail info - for images, the thumbnail file name and URL
  • date uploaded and last modified

Here is a portion of a sample people image export:

export 07