Bid Sheets

Adding a Bid Sheet Template

You can create bid sheet templates to associate with your auction packages. When you print the bid sheet for an auction package, the resulting pdf will follow the template options you have defined.

To get started, select "More / Silent Auctions / Bid Sheets":

Adding a bid sheet template

Now click the link to add a new bid sheet template:

Adding a new bid sheet template

Now select the auction and the base template to use. Base templates are described below.

bid 003

You can now name your bid sheet template and set some properties. You can add additional sign-up sheets, select the paper size, and define the sign-up columns.


Depending on the base template, you will have a variety of options. 




Base Templates

Four base templates are available as a starting point for your bid sheet templates.

Package Info

This template provides an auction logo, auction name, and description about the package.


Package Image w/Photo

This base template provides a picture of the package.


Simple Bid Sheet

Keepin' it simple! No images, but a description of the package is provided.


Package/Items Bid Sheet

This bid sheet allows you to display images and descriptions of all the items in a package.



Sample Bid Sheet

Below are the first two pages of the bid sheet for our "Baskets of Books" package. Note that the items span two pages, and that an additional sign-up sheet is provided (not shown here).

bid 006

bid 007