What's Next for Delightful Labor?

What's next for Delightful Labor? Well, we'd like you - the user community - to set the agenda. What improvements or new features would help you fulfill your mission? What new reports would help you manage your donations, sponsors, and clients? 

Here are a few ideas for future development.

  • Plug-in management - this will allow third-party developers to add custom features to Delightful Labor
  • Personalized reporting - allow the user to create their own reports, select fields, and create custom queries
  • Folders for documents and images - for users with extensive document/image libraries
  • Sponsor/Client communication management - utilities to manage the types and frequencies of communications between sponsors and clients and inventories of communications
  • Templates for generating sponsorship packets that include the client's image, status, description of the location, etc.
  • Multi-language support - ¡Hola, mundo! नमस्ते, दुनिया! Halló, heimur! Bonjour tout le monde!

Please visit our community forum and join in the discussion.